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No one will ever accuse Arcaro of being boring

Those who know John Arcaro know he marches to the beat of his own drum. The Pawtucket resident running for mayor under the "Sick of Scandals" party has spent much of his adult life challenging incumbent Democrats, and he's back at it again in 2016.

Arcaro has taken distinct campaigning style to another level with his new commercial promoting himself as "lean, clean, fighting the machine," even shedding his shirt for the performance.

Check it out.


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Thank you for posting this. I'm sure everyone will love to know that their New Mayor is not only in shape, he is also well educated. Let's also not forget the long list of community involvement. Go JOHN!!! People should join the beat of that drum. Educated, Community Leader and Motivated! I want him Coaching our City.

I went to the debate the other night to hear what he has to offer. I left with a clear understanding of what Mr Arcaro stands for. We need someone who stands for the people, someone notices the city needs help, someone who wants to bring business to the community, and someone who is healthy. Pawtucket needs a leader who understands the issues in the community and will work to fix them. Mr Arcaro has that vision for the city.

Are you suggesting I become a blogger? Not my cup of tea, perhaps you can, I'm sure you will aim high. As for me, I will be a resident of Pawtucket voting for change.