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Nothing to complain about? There's always trash

I've seen a few moderators of local community discussion pages express frustration of late about the volume of complaints and questions they see about trash collection. The most frequent question is on when trash collection day for a certain street is supposed to be. If you've lived on a street more than a week, shouldn't it be obvious?

Even trash collection on a holiday week is pretty standard. Most communities delay trash day by one day when there's a Monday holiday. Even if you forget and happen to miss it, is it really the end of the world if the trash has to go out next week instead?

I recently responded to some people who were again asking about trash collection days in Cumberland with what I thought was pretty sound advice.

"Here's an idea: To see when your pickup day is, watch what your neighbors do...or maybe even ask your neighbor in advance," I said.

Have we really become that addicted to social media interaction that we can't ask a neighbor, or simply look out the window to see what they do?

Don't even get me started on those who post pictures of their recycling bin when the operator of the automated arm puts it back down with an item still stuck inside.

I'm convinced that expressing outrage about sanitation services is so ingrained in people's DNA that they're not willing to accept the fact that automated collection has erased most human error. Trash is what we complain about, so complain we will.

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