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Pumpkin Spice, and No, Everything's Not Nice

Let me start off by saying that Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I also happen to like pumpkin flavored treats.

Here’s what I don’t like. Pumpkin flavored treats in AUGUST.

‘But it’s only one month away from fall’. You would be slightly correct.

This year the Autumnal Equinox starts September 22, 2017. So, it would be a little over a month away. Semantics, sure. Here’s my real problem with this though.

Why can’t we as society just savor the moments. Here in New England, we really get Summer for basically one and a half months. Fall does last it’s full three months, but winter seems to last about, oh, something like 6 months out of the year.

The faster we bring on Pumpkin Spice, the faster we bring on Autumn, in turn the faster we bring on old man winter. Call me crazy, but that is essentially what happens, in my humble opinion.

I even started to see Maple flavored treats around since the beginning of August. Maple, by the way, if you head to the beautiful state of Vermont, is pretty much an all-year staple of their diet. It’s true. And it’s a delicious way to live.

As Jeremy Grey once said:

“I happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup. I love maple syrup! I love maple syrup on pancakes, I love it on pizza! I love to take maple syrup and put a little bit in my hair when I've had a rough week. What do you think holds it up slick?”

Do you know that you can pretty much eat every meal of the day and every dish with some pumpkin in it now? I was in Dunkin’ this morning and saw their multitude of pumpkin offerings.

Right now in the pumpkin variety you can get:

  • Pumpkin Donut
  • Pumpkin Muffin
  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Pumpkin Flavored Cream Cheese
  • Pumpkin Coffee
  • Pumpkin Iced Coffee
  • Pumpkin Frozen Coffee
  • Pumpkin Latte
  • Pumpkin Macchiato

So, on your way to work, grab a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and a pumpkin iced coffee. Later, for lunch, grab a maple flavored sandwich and pick up a pumpkin frozen coffee, and a mid day snack go and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut, and perhaps a pumpkin latte if you need the kick too.

Then, next thing you know, you are a pumpkin!

Who am I kidding, I love all the pumpkin foods!

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