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Stop lecturing me about my food

If I want to know your opinion on whether I should or shouldn't be eating something, I'll ask you for it.

More and more, it seems, people feel the need to lecture others on what they firmly believe to be killing them. Certain sweeteners, fat, sugar, gluten, tomatoes, it's all going to end your life in horrible ways.

If people were truly concerned about me, that would be one thing, but most seem interested only in showing what lean, mean machines they've become by being better than me.

Running a Twitter account about grilling, , I think I get more of these lectures than most. I find that when I take special care to get good pictures of my grilled food, after all the components my wife has collected have been put together, the negative comments come in fast and furious.

One person, after I recently posted a particularly attractive picture of a pork burger, really let me have it, telling me I was asking for a heart attack eating like that and asking me if I'd ever heard of Trichinosis.

Actually, I responded, the caramelized onion and apple pork burger with bacon and brie cheese was decently healthy.

"Your concept of health and mine are two different things," she retorted.

Whoa, that's a pretty big leap based on one picture of burger and not knowing what else I'd eaten all week. I asked her which part of the burger, the lean pork or the low-fat bacon, was going to give me a heart attack. I could also have pointed out that instead of bread crumbs my wife had incorporated shredded apples and onions into the meat.

"Your choice," came the response from my disgusted critic. "Just keep eating like that and you will find out. Just saying."

Listen, if you're jealous about my burger, just say it.


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