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Unexpected Senate 8 race drawing strong interest

The impromptu special election race for the Senate District 8 seat vacated by Jamie Doyle this week appears to be attracting a lot more interest than if it were a general election race. If Republicans and independents jump in, I wouldn't be surprised to see 10 candidates file for the seat.

That is due in no small part to the fact that Democrats know they'll only have to do a few short weeks of campaigning for an election that will likely have a very small turnout. With at least five Democrats already expressing some interest in the seat, it appears someone could win the primary with 25 percent of the vote.

Once past the primary, it would likely be clear sailing, setting that person up as the favorite both in the special election and giving them a few months to make a name for themselves before the general election.

This race should have plenty of heavy-hitters, with past candidates, current City Council members, and major parties in the Democratic party all expressing interest in the seat.

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