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Women do criticize men for what they wear

I'm not going to get into all the details of the Great Yoga Pants Debate, but I must counter one statement that I've seen all over the internet since the guy from Barrington drew the wrath of women everywhere with his comments about what they shouldn't wear.

I can't tell you how many women I've seen saying that women don't tell men what to wear.

"I can imagine the outrage if a woman wrote a similar piece decrying backward baseball caps or hoodies on men," wrote one woman in response to a columnist telling everyone to lighten up. "Like yoga pants, these are seen everywhere in our current culture."

Here's the thing: Women have been telling men what not to wear for as long as I can remember. How many of those posts have you seen from women telling men (and men telling men) that they're too old to be wearing team jerseys? Or too old to be wearing a backward baseball cap? My own wife has advised me on more than one occasion that certain clothing items make me look like a juvenile.

Here's how I responded to one of those posts back in 2014. I read what Magner wrote, I thought about it for a little while, and I had a healthy dialogue with her based on facts.

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