MY LIFE – A change in season ... and a change in size

As I was sitting at my desk a few days ago I saw a leaf drift by my window, quickly followed by another and then another, just like in the “Autumn Leaves” song and I realized that change, at least in... more

FILM UNFILTERED – Young cast offer strong performances in ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’

HHH “Words on Bathroom Walls” is a teenage drama that revolves around the story of a young man who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and his struggle to live life as normally as possible. The lead... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING – Smartphone not a necessity for teens

A mother in California seeks her pastor’s opinion on allowing her 15-year-old son to have a smartphone. The boy claims that if he can’t use social media, he will have no friends. Mom is skeptical... more