MY LIFE - Bread bucket

My sister Joan gave me a bread bucket yesterday. Probably more correctly called a dough bucket or a proofing box, it's a fairly large round plastic container with a snap on lid used to store bread... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Horehound cough syrup: a natural alternative to over-the-counter medicine

CUMBERLAND - "One of the basic rules in working with herbs, or any living thing for that matter, is to know that your intentions matter and they are the most important part of the ingredients," said... more

REEL LIFE WITH JANE - Sci-fi flick 'Chappie' opens this week

New movies in theaters this week feature Judi Dench in a colorful scarf, Vince Vaughn on a wild business trip, and Hugh Jackman with a bunch of robots. Here's a sneak peek at what's opening wide in... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Why have rebellion and mental health issues increased in teens?

In the 1960s, child and teen mental health and behavior problems began an alarming rise that has continued to the present. In 1970, one of my grad school professors proposed that this trend could be... more