High Five Friday comes to North Providence

High Five Friday comes to North Providence

North Providence School Superintendent Joseph Goho collects high-fives from NPHS athletes and cheerleaders during the first High Five Friday at Stephen Olney Elementary School last week. (Breeze photos by Nicole Dotzenrod)

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Inspired by the positive effects of High Five Friday in nearby school districts, North Providence rolled out its own program this week.

On Friday mornings, a group of student athletes from North Providence High School will travel to a district elementary school to greet students with a high-five as they enter the building.

District leaders said they feel the program will help build a positive culture in North Providence, with both high school and elementary school students benefiting from the experience.

Last week, students at Stephen Olney Elementary School were surprised as they stepped off their buses with a line of high-fives to start their school day on the right foot. Participating athletes this week were captains from the high school tennis, soccer, football, dance and cheerleading teams.

Assistant Supt. Louise Seitsinger said they see it as “a way of continuing to build positive community” in the district.

“We are focused on student relationships at all levels. It’s a way of bridging our high school students to our elementary school students in a fun, motivating and positive way,” she continued.

“Starting their day with a high-five and a greeting from our high school students may make a world of difference for so many of our elementary students. Our younger students admire the high school students and will aspire to be a positive influence like them someday.”

On the morning of Oct. 11, High Five Friday will move to Centredale Elementary School, then Greystone on Oct. 18, McGuire on Oct. 25 and Whelan on Nov. 1.

“High Five Friday is a wonderful initiative to build enthusiasm, pride and unity for grades K through 12,” said Supt. Joseph Goho. “Our high school student athletes are excellent role models, and we want to encourage our elementary children as early as possible in their educational career to strive for success. High Five Friday sends a very positive message.

A Stephen Olney Elementary School student collects high-fives during High Five Friday at the school last week.
High school student athletes, Ashley Siravo, Colin Anzeveno and Timothy Walker, above, greet elementary students at Stephen Olney Elementary School.


This is great to see. But why is it just student athletes? Students who are not athletic might like to participate and have a lot to offer. They are role models too.