Pawtucket police run prostitution sting

Pawtucket police run prostitution sting

PAWTUCKET – During Thanksgiving week, the Pawtucket Police Department, with help from Homeland Security Investigations, conducted an investigation into possible prostitution at the Far East Spa at 72 East St., Harmony Spa at 11 Benefit St., and Pleasant St. Massage Therapy 88 Pleasant St. Police this week arrested 19 people on various prostitution charges related to that investigation.

Police ran a similar sting at the establishments in March, resulting in 13 women being arrested.

The investigation was a result of numerous complaints from local residents and business owners regarding possible prostitution at the businesses. On Dec. 4, court-ordered search warrants were executed at all three businesses, resulting in the arrest three men and 16 women.

Stelly Sang Ok, 64), of Texas, Yon C Wood, 62, of New York, Jean Son Derrico, 61, of New York, Jeonsuk Lee, 63, of Connecticut, Sophia Spingarn, 60, and Andrew Spingarn, 64, of Pawtucket, were all charged with not having a license for massage therapy and pandering or permitting prostitution.

In Ok Bang, 53, and Jung Mi Lee, 46, both of New York, and Eun Joo Chae, 50, of New Jersey, were charged with prostitution and not having a license for massage therapy.

Gee Yoon Kim, 51, Yeon Sun Jeon, 42, Keum Ran An, 49, Jin Gyu An, 49, Suk Ja Elmore, 53, and Sun Lee Young, 48, all of New York, Hee Young So, 44, of Georgia, and Yun Hee Park, 48, of Texas, were charged with not having a license for massage therapy as an employee.

Aleksandr Ilchemko, 60, of Stoughton, Mass., and George Azar, 55, of Coventry, were charged with procurement of sexual conduct for a fee.

There is also an outstanding arrest warrant for Grace Kwon, 56) of Lincoln, for not having a license for massage therapy required for an employer and pandering or permitting prostitution.

All were arraigned Thursday in Sixth District Court.

All three of the targeted spas have been known locations for prostitution for years. All three failed to get required licenses in 2017 when the city set new standards for massage establishments with its body works ordinance, resulting in a court challenge.


Do you really need to show photos of the prostitutes? It’s already embarassing enough for them. Do we need to try to humiliate them too?

This has been going for years No human trafficking found these are adults behind doors why not go after the street prostitutes on broad street and surrounding areas flagging down cars

David, booking photos are for public release and the men charged have their photos shown also. They've all been charged with a crime and are presumed innocent, but it is common practice to release booking photos, so I'm not sure why you're concerned with just this group of arrestees. "We" are not humiliating them, they've humiliated themselves.

the men prostitutes as well? Asking for a friend,because it's apparently OK to embarrass just the men and not the women.

They humiliated themselves. If they are that concerned about being embarrassed then they shouldn't break the law.