As Centredale Revival opens, Costanzo revives parking feud

As Centredale Revival opens, Costanzo revives parking feud

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Despite Shane Piche getting all of his parking approvals to open his Centredale Revival Co. restaurant, the owner of the Rhode Island Billiard, Bar & Bistro across the street is again warning of problems ahead as the two do business in Centredale.

Anthony Costanzo was back before the Town Council last week warning of the “legalized trespassing” he expects when customers at Centredale Revival inevitably use his parking lot, saying there’s “zero parking” and “nowhere for vehicles to park,” so customers are going to park in his lot. There is almost nothing he can do about it, Costanzo said, except to hire a gatekeeper or work as a parking attendant himself, which will be an unfair cost and burden to him.

Costanzo said he doesn’t expect many customers at Piche’s soon-to-be-opened restaurant to use the nearby Yacht Club Soda lot Piche has come to an agreement on because it’s an eighth of a mile away. Costanzo said he can’t imagine customers walking from Yacht Club on a rainy day. With an occupancy of 70 people at Centredale Revival, he said he “can’t imagine even where we would put 35 cars in Centredale.”

Google maps show the Yacht Club lot is actually about 200 feet away from Centredale Revival, or one twenty-sixth of a mile. Even the furthest reaches of the Yacht Club lot are less than 400 feet from Piche’s establishment.

Council members, clearly not buying Costanzo’s latest complaints, told him that Piche got all of his necessary approvals, including the 24 spots at Yacht Club and another five on-street spots on each of the front two sides of his building, for 10 more.

Piche previously announced that the parking agreement with Yacht Club will mean the company’s products are the exclusive soda sold at Centredale Revival.

After a period of discussion at the Sept. 1 council meeting, Councilor Manny Giusti eventually said he wants to know why Costanzo is still bringing up the parking issue, saying there is no issue here.

“You’re looking for trouble with this,” he said, adding that Piche has more than met requirements with the 34 spots.

At that point, Costanzo bowed out, saying he hopes everyone makes money and there’s no aggravation. He added that he’s only trying to pre-empt problems.

Other council members had earlier emphasized that the parking issue falls under zoning, which already decided on it. Council President Dino Autiello said Piche went above and beyond.

Costanzo asked councilors where they would park if they visited the restaurant.

“Personally I’m taking an Uber,” joked Councilor Ron Baccala. He mentioned how there are quite a number of other on-street parking spots going up Smith Street, many not in use at night.

Piche reiterated his plans for parking, saying copies of the plans for 34 spots have been filed with town officials. He noted that the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority has given up its bus stop outside of his building at 2031 Smith St., meaning there are 10 on-street spots directly in front of his building. The Yacht Club lot is “maybe 50 to 60 steps away,” he said.

Costanzo mentioned how accountant Stephen DiChiara, with offices next to Centredale Revival, declined to make an agreement with Piche for parking, adding that he himself is also not giving up any spots because he needs them.

If there is a parking problem, said town attorney Mark Welch, it will be a zoning enforcement issue and not a council issue.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said the town is trying to be business-friendly to all. Piche is doing everything he can to provide the necessary parking, he said, and the fact that it might be too far for some to walk is Piche’s problem, not the town’s or Costanzo’s.

Lombardi said all business owners in Centredale are welcome to use parking spaces behind Town Hall when no meetings are being held. Most meetings are held Monday through Wednesday.

The mayor said he thinks all questions have been answered in this matter and it’s time to move on.


Costanzo is afraid of some competition.

He doesn’t realize that he is actually pushing customers away. He complains about everybody else in the area and sits there screaming at people like their children when in fact he is the child! I would never go there again!