CPD getting new tasers; chief considering body cameras

CPD getting new tasers; chief considering body cameras

CUMBERLAND – The Cumberland Police Department this month received authorization to purchase 10 new tasers from Axon Enterprise Inc., devices Chief John Desmarais said have the capability to allow officers to download information on their use.

Desmarais said data would include date, time, the officer who used the taser, how many times it was used, and duration of time it was used, among other information. The captain in charge of patrol would be responsible for tracking information.

Desmarais said the tasers are an important tool for law enforcement in administering “less lethal” force if necessary. Several new officers don’t have tasers, he said, and some of these new ones will replace some broken and outdated tasers. The majority of those in patrol will now be carrying them while on duty, he said.

A Google search by The Breeze this week showed that the Class II X26P Tasers have no resemblance to an officer’s gun.

The Town Council on April 7 approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Jeff Mutter and the Police Department to purchase the 10 tasers in an amount not to exceed $15,246.

The Breeze asked Desmarais this week if he would be open to Cumberland police wearing body cameras, as officers do in other departments. Desmarais said he would be.

“I am seriously considering them,” he said, adding that he has no reservations about them.

Desmarais said the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association is working on purchase pricing for all departments, along with storage fees and other costs.

Alfredo Ruggiero Jr., the newly announced chief in North Providence, said this week that he too is open to adding body cameras. He said body cameras are an initiative of chiefs across the state through the Twenty for 2020 campaign, and President Joseph Biden has also said that implementing body cameras might be federally mandated.


I hope all towns start requiring body cameras. In addition to aiding accountability, it's also a cost saver, as shown here: https://www.govtech.com/public-safety/research-says-body-cams-are-good-p...
"New research shows that investing in police body cameras has a benefit-to-cost ratio of 5 to 1, which is the equivalent of turning "a $1 bill into a $5 bill."