Silva appointed clerk; Lincoln has special election dates

Silva appointed clerk; Lincoln has special election dates

LINCOLN – An election calendar has been set and acting Town Clerk Lillian Silva has been hired to oversee the process as Lincoln prepares to vote for a new town administrator to replace Joe Almond.

Silva comes to Lincoln from North Smithfield, where she has served in the clerk position since August 2019. She previously served as clerk in Cumberland from 2005 to 2012.

Interim Town Administrator Brian Sullivan said they interviewed four candidates, and that Silva was the top one based on her experience running elections and her familiarity with things such as the Access to Public Records Act.

He recommended she be appointed interim clerk, and the council unanimously confirmed her appointment on April 20.

Council President Keith Macksoud said Silva’s resume was impressive, and that he’s looking forward to working with her.

“I’m sure the clerk’s office will be happy to have an additional body there,” he said.

Deputy Clerk Erin Vaughan has been on her own in the office since longtime clerk Monique Clauson’s arrest late last year.

Lincoln resident Dean Lees accused the council of violating the town charter in hiring Silva, since she is not a Lincoln resident.

Under the charter, "all elected and appointed officers of the town of Lincoln shall be qualified electors of said town."

Council president Keith Macksoud said the appointment is allowed under state law, which doesn't require residency within a municipality.

"No home rule charter provision shall require that a municipal employee reside within the city or town as a condition of appointment or continued employment," he said, citing the law.

Further, any local laws requiring such would be voided under the state law, he added.

After Silva was sworn in, her first act of business on April 20 was to officially call for a special election to fill the vacant town administrator position.

Here are some of the notable dates that have now been announced for the election, which is set for Sept. 7 with a primary on Aug. 3:

• Declarations of candidacy – June 24-25

• Endorsements – June 28

• Voter registration deadline for the primary – July 4.

• Voter disaffiliation – July 5.

• Nomination papers due to the local board of canvassers – July 6.

• Mail ballot deadline for the primary – July 13.

• Emergency mail ballot deadline for the primary: Aug. 2.

PRIMARY: Aug. 3.

• Voter registration deadline for the election – Aug. 8.

• Mail ballot deadline for the election – Aug. 17.

• Emergency mail ballot deadline – Sept. 7



Appointment of the Town Clerk is in fact illegal!

Town Clerk is an (OFFICER) of the Town of Lincoln and not an employee!

Town Charter Provisions are as follows:

§ C17-17{Officers to be electors of the Town.}
All elected and appointed officers of the Town of Lincoln shall be qualified electors of said Town.

C17-3(3) The term "officer or officers" as used in this Charter shall refer only to the Town Administrator, members of the Town Council, the Town Clerk and the Finance Director. This section shall control the use of the term "officer(s)" as to any other usage in this Charter that is inconsistent herewith.

[Amended 11-10-2002]

Further state law only speaks to town employees such as police officers, teachers and Public Works etc.

Council President Macksoud is not only wrong but is exhibiting a continued trend of either choosing not to learn his job or has taken it upon himself to run the Town of Lincoln as an illegitimate Oligarchy!

If Lincoln11 is correct with their reading of the charter (and it is right there in black and white), then why do we have a finance director that lives in Woonsocket? Does anyone on the Council even care that a lot of work was put into writing a charter for the future generations to follow? Why did they do all that work if elected officials can just circumvent the rules when they feel like it? It's bad enough that the council violated the charter to appoint the Chief as acting Town Administrator. And it is also a bit of a cop out for Councilor Russo to put his complaints about the public questioning their role in all this during public comment, rather than putting it on the agenda where the people can see it's going to be discussed and show up to complain. Instead, he springs it as "public comment" so no one knows he's going to talk about it. Lincoln runs pretty well, but I feel these folks on the council have been in office a little too long and are starting to think they know what's best for us so just relax and don't ask questions.