Senate passes Ciccone bill requiring residents to trim trees

Senate passes Ciccone bill requiring residents to trim trees

PROVIDENCE – The Rhode Island Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a bill from Sen. Frank Ciccone requiring residents to prune back their trees and shrubbery or face a fine of $500.

The bill, which passed 26-6 with no debate, demands that residents "maintain and control any and all debris generated by a tree or shrubs that create a nuisance to the abutting property owner." A "nuisance" is defined as debris that enters a neighbor's property and causes them "unnecessary work or costs."

Residents who fail to fulfill the obligations of the bill would be required to remove the trees and shrubs in question, contain the trees and shrubs to prevent future debris, and pay a fine of not more than $500.

Ciccone represents Senate District 7, serving parts of Providence and North Providence. He later clarified that his bill was motivated by constituents who complained about the needles and sap from neighbors' pine trees coming into their yards, and was not meant to address leaves from trees.

The Ciccone bill will now head to the House of Representatives.


You've got to be one of the most idiotic people on the planet. You actually believe that this is why you were elected.
Are you working on lowering taxes? no.
Are you working on creating jobs? no.
Are you voting against tolls? no.
But you found a way to penalize people for their trees?
You're nothing but a no good, lousy, fat headed &&&&&&%%!!!!. So tell us, which family member of your's owns a tree pruning company?
This is what we get out of our politicians!!!!!!

NPresident, nailed it. What a complete moron Ciccone smh.

Whoa, priorities are set by a bunch of empty suites in the GA and we have a ringer here.This is taking time away from planning to save Tax Island, right, working day and night just sweating over plans to generate ways to attract business and jobs, right, wrong. We get fined for trees that grow naturally and are not pruned, give us a break. Wonder why people are moving out of Tax and Regulated by Baffoons Island, that's right when you can't fight the mind set of people in the GA that are re-elected term after term by someone out there in voter land, it's time to leave the sinking ship of Tax Island.

This is rich; just a cursory examination of the proposed legislation shows it will be impossible to enforce. Exactly what is "unnecessary work or costs?" How about a neighbor bending over to pick up a pine cone or oak leaf -is that unnecessary work? And, if someone had to buy a rake to clean up leaves blowing from a neighbor's maple tree, is that an unnecessary cost? What a moronic bit of legislation this is.

for the love of what ever god you pray to.. DO NOT RE ELECT anyone who voted yes for this. this has to be the single most ridiculous piece of legislation I have ever seen. I do not have any trees on my property but my neighbor to the left and to the right do. I get leaves from them every year. I also get leaves from the town property behind my house. does that mean that the town is responsible for cleaning those as well. if that's the case.

Town of North Smithfield your trees dump acorns and leaves. please remove the offending trees and since the area is land locked you can use my property to access your land but you WILL pay for all repairs to my land and restore it back to it's previous state. thank you

The guy is a J--ka--!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is no chance of this bill passing both the House and the governor's desk. This is of course the product of a part-time legislature that isn't paid enough to attract people with a brain. Most of these clowns run opposed because nobody wants the job. But it doesn't mean you can't discuss your views with Frank. Here is his Senate page. Call him. E-mail him. He probably doesn't read The Breeze:

I know a guy who told me this is not going to pass. Can't tell you who the guy is but he told me this the other day at the place. Can't tell you where the place is because then you might know who the guy is. But the guy told be this isn't going to happen because Ciccone is below a moron and is a total insult to all the other idiots.

this is what happen when people vote democrats over and over again for many years and they become dictators and tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. they have no legal right to tell you what to do on your property.

Next well need yellow STARS on our CLOTHES and special CAMPs for people who dont COMPLY.

Do you know who else had mandatory leaf and tree cleanup laws? THE NAZIS!!

WE live in a land of liberty and freedom not FASCISM!

God bless!!

It doesn't matter whether it the Democrats or the Republicans.... Take your head out of the sand and realize that!! I'm surprised you didn't say it was the Unions fault!!

actually it was Mussolini that instituted mandatory leaf and tree cleanup laws. You could stroll down any street in Italy and feel secure that there would be no leaves to sully the landscape.Plus he made the trains run on time ;-)

...the House is led by a thug and the Senate worse! 25 other idiots joined this idiot. The GA is a total embarrassment to our state.