Teacher not doing any ‘useless’ work at CHS

Teacher not doing any ‘useless’ work at CHS

I am writing in response to one of last week’s articles regarding the resignation of CHS Principal, Donna Charlton. In particular, I would like to respond to the teacher who spoke on the condition of anonymity. This person, my colleague, stated (in regard to Mrs. Charlton’s leadership style), “...that hands-off approach had its pluses, as teachers weren’t required to do much useless work.” Useless work? Never, not once in my eight years as a teacher at CHS have I felt the work we do is useless. Never, not once, in the five years with our prior administrators, did I feel the work we do is useless. And, never, not once, did I feel the work we did under Mrs. Charlton was useless.

So I ask you why?

What exactly was it about meeting grading deadlines, assessing students accurately, using data to inform instruction, using best teaching practices, demonstrating a growth mindset, making connections with students, maintaining a positive school culture and many, many more initiatives too numerous to list did you find useless?

It is hard work, it is challenging work, and it is work that must be done to meet the needs of our students.

In today’s day and age, being a teacher means so much more than just showing up to collect a paycheck. It is important work we do, it is meaningful work we do.

Each and every day, our students need to know we are passionate about not only teaching them and pushing them, but pushing ourselves to be the best teachers we can be.

Michelle McIntosh

Cumberland High School


what this teacher told me, the work she/he was saved from under Charlton was anything that took away from actual teaching, that Charlton let teachers do their thing. This is a dedicated teacher who would never consider the work she/he does to be useless.