North Providence will review ban on overnight parking

North Providence will review ban on overnight parking

Council approves several other measures

NORTH PROVIDENCE – A local councilman has requested a review of a town ordinance limiting on-street parking overnight.

Stephen Feola said he wasn’t aware until recently that the town had such an ordinance limiting parking to one hour, and thinks it serves as an “unfair” detriment to residents, especially to larger families with smaller driveways.

“Right now it is against the law in North Providence to park overnight on the street,” he said.

The town’s code of ordinances states, “Overnight parking – one hour limit.”

The council agreed to send the law to its ordinance subcommittee to consider repealing the ban. Councilors said they’ll check with public safety officials on whether it’s appropriate to eliminate the rule.

Police Chief David Tikoian said he’ll review the issue and respond to the council on it.

In other business on Feb. 6:

• The council approved a motion to allow the Lombardi administration to move forward with the purchase of a foreclosed home at 175 Bourne Ave. The $127,000 purchase allows the town to add the property to its existing police and fire complex land and increase its overall value.

• The council authorized Mayor Charles Lombardi to negotiate a settlement agreement with the DeMarco family over the 2014 shuttering of a CrossFit facility in their building at 975 Charles St. The DeMarcos were led to believe that the facility was allowed before being forced to close it.

• The council approved Lombardi’s request to create a special fund where all money generated from the Camp Meehan Overlook facility will go.

The mayor told the council that that he wants to be able to prove that the redeveloped event center and recreation building is making enough money to maintain all operations at the facility. Without a dedicated fund, tracking the success of the facility in accomplishing that goal is difficult, he said.

Lombardi also told the council he plans to start renting out the main event room at the Salvatore Mancini Resource and Activity Center. Revenue generated there will help fund operations.

• The council sent a letter to the School Committee “respectfully requesting” the formation of a subcommittee to reach the best possible decision regarding plans to replace the football field behind North Providence High School. Councilor Kenneth Amoriggi also noted that while everyone is focused on the football field, the high school’s baseball field, which is home to one of the best programs in the state, could also use attention.

Council President Dino Autiello said he likes the idea of a special committee because he doesn’t want council chambers to “become the place for debate” over whether the town should install a new grass field or go with artificial turf. The matter already comes up for frequent discussion at council meetings.

• The council, at the request of Councilor Raymond DeStefanis, wrote to Tikoian to ask him about “re-engaging” the town’s community police substations on either end of town. DeStefanis said he would love to see the substations back in use and the town “re-engaging our community policing.”

Lombardi noted that substation storefronts on Charles Street in Marieville and Woonasquatucket Avenue in Lymansville were previously home to active community policing efforts, but volunteer efforts within the two neighborhoods gradually dwindled. He said it’s important to have police permanently stationed at the facilities. The current cost of renting out the vacant facilities is about $2,000 to $3,000 per year, said Lombardi.

Tikoian said Monday that he’ll review the council’s request on the substations and determine whether it’s feasible to reinstitute community policing efforts.

• The council learned that members of the North Providence Youth Commission will soon undertake a full review of the more than 750 stop signs in town, determining which ones were put up with a legal ordinance backing them up. The initiative was previously undertaken by police but then fizzled. Tikoian had the idea to get youth commissioners involved. They’ll split up the town in four sections to conduct their review. Lombardi said it may not be legal for the town to be handing out tickets for infractions at stop signs that were not legally put up.


This town will do absolutely anything for money. They don't care about the residents of this town. All they care about is the next possible money grab off the backs of the residents.
If someone parks in front of their house all day long, it's ok. If you leave it there over night, you'll wake up to find a ticket on your windshield. Kinda like the Burger Meister Meister Burger theory. The leadership (democrats) in this town simply echoes what we see in state government (tolls and taxes). Provide ONE legitimate reason why residents aren't allowed to park on the streets overnight, when it's been allowed throughout the history of this town.

NPresident, you do have proof that the town is grabbing money off our "backs" with overnight parking violations then? There is a car parked on the street across from my house every single night save for snow storms, haven't seen a single solitary ticket yet. Since there is an actual ordinance then parking on the street overnight hasn't been allowed through all of history now has it.

I’m all for this!!!
There’s more cars parked in the road it’s ridiculous and unsafe. Some backroads 2 cars can’t pass because one side is all parked cars. So you sit and wait until you can pass.
Have you seen the backroads off HighService?!?
Sherman, Bellevue, Linwood, City View Circle etc.
It’s more like a parking lot. People don’t use their driveways. I know people that are lazy to move their cars around in the driveway so they park in the road because it’s easier.
Snow comes and there’s a parking ban and they don’t move the cars and guess what no tickets or towing!! Really!!
Then there’s people who have junk cars in the driveway so they use the streets!!
This is ridiculous!!! Use your driveways!!!