Summer paving starts in Lincoln

Summer paving starts in Lincoln

A steamroller travels up Iron Forge Way during this week’s construction, part of the town’s summer paving schedule. (Breeze photos by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – Residents in certain Lincoln neighborhoods will soon enjoy a smoother ride to and from their homes, as the town kicked off its summer paving schedule last week.

Work began in a neighborhood off River Road, where Hartford Paving Co., this year’s low bidder, began “reclaiming” Colonial Drive (from Garden Drive to Sunview Street) and Garden Drive west of Grove Street.

Reclaiming the road includes pulverizing and blending the existing roadway to create a more stable base for the fresh pavement, the method Lincoln uses when roadways are in particularly rough shape, according to Town Engineer Leslie Quish. Other streets with less extensive damage will undergo a “mill and overlay,” where the top level of asphalt is ground down and a new top coat is laid.

This week, crews were working in the neighborhood behind Saylesville Elementary School on several streets including Musket Road, Surrey Lane, Wagon Wheel Lane and Iron Forge Road off Carriage Drive.

Certain drainage work has been extended up Progress Street at the end of Musket Road, where Quish said she hopes to capture some water that had been causing icy conditions this winter.

Improvements are also planned for nearby Lakeview Avenue off Cobble Hill Road, as well as Olney Avenue and 1st Street.

From there, Quish expects the roadwork to shift to a neighborhood off Albion Road, which will include Spring Green Road, Brookside Drive, Meadowbrook Road, Knollwood Drive and two cul-de-sacs: Foxwood Drive and Glenview Drive.

Lastly, Quish said the town will mill and overlay part of Reservoir Avenue and abutting Chestnut Avenue.

The contract gives the company 120 days to complete the work across town.

The crumbling street surface on Iron Forge Road in Lincoln, at left, is in the midst of a complete reconstruction.


I'm glad to see that the deteriorating roads in Lincoln are being paved. I was happy when they paved Wilbur Road, but another road that desperately needs to be paved is Longmeadow Road. With the amount of money Lincoln taxpayers pay for property tax, it's a wonder this road hasn't been paved in ages. Take a ride down Longmeadow Road, you'll see what I mean.