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will j

"Natural immunity?" Is that what all those people who refuse to get vaccinated have? How would they know? (Oh, they don't get sick. Right.) And how would we all know? We don't and can't. If you have such grave doubts about the CDC and/or Anthony Fauci, why not search the web--most of the answers to your concerns are on reality-based science websites. But the again, science is not an all-knowing discipline where we can understand right away all the answers about a brand new disease. But if you think Fauci or the CDC are hiding some sinister secrets, please do let us know what you find. A better use of your time might be to look at what ex-president Trump did and did not do during his tenure -- which caused the pandemic to get much much worse that it would've been. That information is readily available in the history books.

Will Jackson, Pawtucket

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