Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training
Online Learning Partners

Security Awareness Online Training teaches employees to identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. For four cents per day per employee, your staff will have year-long, anytime, anywhere access to our highly-rated online security awareness training. For this reason, The Valley Breeze has partnered with MindEdge Learning to provide a Security Awareness course. This course will familiarize you with computer security threats to protect both you and your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Est. Length: 2 Hours | 0.2 CEUs | 2 HRCIs


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  • ♦ Expert- Supported

  • ♦ Games & Flashcards

  • ♦ Real-world case studies

  • ♦ Badge & Certificate Awarding

  • ♦ Mobile Friendly

  • ♦ Accessible

  • ♦ Audio- Enabled in App

  • ♦ Optional phishing simulation