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LINCOLN – This quarter there seems to have been a surge in the number of pre-practicum teachers at LHS. Pre-practicum students, whose observations are integrated into their college coursework, are usually placed in schools during the fall semester of their senior year. Colleges typically reach out to schools to place students for two semesters, the first for pre-practicum and the second for student teaching. Host schools assign the student to a teacher in their content area. Music teacher Brendan Lahoud is hosting URI student Lauren Stelmaszczyk.

“I have been involved with music since I started piano lessons at 4 years old,” she said. “As time went on, I realized how much I really enjoyed being in the classroom and working with the students.”

Stelmaszczyk said she has had a positive experience.

“It really is a huge benefit to watch veteran teachers in their classrooms because they have much knowledge from years of experience that you will only gain as time goes on, and not being afraid to ask for help or advice,” she said. Art and graphic design teacher Susan Kolenda is hosting Noel Szado, who studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been a graphic designer, art director, and creative director for 25 years. “I was looking for a new challenge that aligned with my life’s passion and core purpose,” Szado said. “There is so much power to affect the world with art and design.”

Szado volunteered for an art program at her son’s school, and she said she was inspired by it.

“I wanted them to have fun. It ended up being a lot of fun for me. I found myself inspired by their creativity and joyfulness in art-making.”

In addition to Lahoud and Kolenda, teachers hosting a pre-practicum student this year include Matthew Pavao, Tracey Cook, Casey Carr, Christopher Allen, Ron Almedia, and Clete Garriott.

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