Katie Jahnz

LINCOLN – On the brisk autumn Nov. 21, Lincoln High School opened its front doors to the incoming freshmen Class of 2026. The 8th-grade Open House was held from 1 to 3 p.m. for all 8th-grade students and families interested in attending LHS next year. There were approximately 125 families who attended this event.

Current students who are members of the student council and class executive boards volunteered by giving tours of the school. The students broke attendees into smaller groups to showcase the school, along with giving the insider scoop of what students should expect at LHS.

“Everything went very well,’’ said Robert Livingston, a senior representative at LHS. “There were a lot of people there and everyone did an excellent job planning the event and running it, making everything run smoothly.”

Students and families were invited to ask questions to get a feel for what life could be like in the future and to learn about the programs and activities provided at LHS.

“Everyone also was able to help out Eighth graders and families on tour,” Livingston explained.

Each program created pamphlets to showcase what they have to offer. At LHS, there are a variety of programs and pathways ranging from family consumer science, journalism, law, woodshop and more. These pathways are a major consideration for incoming students in choosing their schools for next year.

LHS Principal Robert Mezzanotte reflected on the event and said he is open to redesigning it.

“This year was a challenge with the numbers being as high as they were,” he said. “Overall, I think it was a success, but I also think that we will look at alternative formats to be more effective with this large number of people.”

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