Greenville Avenue at Route 44

No left turn onto Route 44 from Greenville Avenue is causing detours for local residents.

SMITHFIELD – The temporary ban on left turns from Greenville Avenue onto Route 44 is creating a headache for people who live in the neighborhood, according to Rep. Gregory Costantino, who said he hopes to come up with a solution soon.

Last week, the State Traffic Safety Commission began a study on the effects of the prohibition on left turns on traffic, said Costantino. He said the requirement under the 60-day test study is only from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., but drivers are ignoring the signage on Greenville Avenue and taking the turn onto Putnam Pike anyway.

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Thomas Ficca

I have yet to see anyone pay attention to the no left turn sign. I traveled through that area all last week about 8 times a day every day ! That area as a whole sucks !

Jack Toronto

There are a lot of traffic lights on that 1/4 mile of 44. It's a concern for all. It's the residents on Greenville Ave who are suffering right now. It's going to take a serious traffic study to find a solution. Hopefully we can time the traffic lights to better keep up with the flow.


It should be a no left turn all the time. With no enforcement it really doesn’t show how it would help flow. I can say it’s great along Greenville Ave because it has cut down on cars and speeders. Walking to the bus stop with my kids it does feel a little safer with less cars and speed. What it really comes down to is the “privileged” greenvillers who live down Austin Ave complaining. They don’t want to go to apple valley to take the left. Go in your car and drive it is not 3-4 miles, it’s less than a mile add on. And the length you wait during peak hours to take a left, it’s faster to go Apple Valley. It sounds like Constantino is once again listening to Karen’s instead of actually looking into the problem himself.

Joe M

Why would someone go to Apple Valley? They would go to Pleasant View Ave then cut through one of the neighborhoods to get back out. So moving 1 problem area to another. They need a rotary of some type over there. And I dont see any “privileged” Karen’s on here complaining, just you.

Pete Godon

The round-a-bout in Chepachet works great.

Derrick L

Agreed, less lights and signs more flow.

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