LINCOLN – Lincoln Police Chief Brian Sullivan confirmed this week that the levels of speed on Briarwood Road are well within reason.

After the Town Council heard complaints about speeding drivers on Briarwood, which connects School Street to Timberland Drive, the Lincoln Police Department collected data there for two months using a radar trailer.

The Breeze reported on the radar trailer’s findings in September. Drivers traveled at an average speed of 22.77 mph on the 20 mph road.

The slowest driver was traveling 5 mph. During Monday’s Public Safety Committee meeting, the chief said he reached out to the data management company about a 139 mph figure, and that they indicated it was likely an error due to the glare of the sun or some other factor.

“As long as you’ve been doing these, I just haven’t seen the outrageous speeds that people talk about in these neighborhoods,” said Town Councilor Bruce Ogni.

“When a vehicle goes by, you often think it’s going a lot faster than it actually is,” Sullivan said.

On average, Briarwood sees 365 cars every day. Committee Chairwoman Pamela Azar asked if the volume was considered high for that neighborhood. Sullivan said it was, but not compared to other streets.

Ogni asked if police have seen more speeding on Lincoln’s busiest roads such as Lonsdale and Smithfield Avenues, “because the high speeds everyone’s talking about are not on these side streets.”

Sullivan said there is currently a radar trailer collecting data on Front Street, but that there hasn’t been a trailer on Smithfield Avenue in some time.

The trailers are usually posted, at first, with no messages flashing. Later, the trailer will show different messages based on the speed of the driver.

“A message pops up on the sign … if you’re going 20 mph or below it says, ‘thank you for driving safely.’ If you’re going 5 mph over the speed limit, it flashes the posted limit and says, ‘slow down.’ If you’re 10 mph above, it says, ‘way too fast.’ So it gives you live feedback when you’re driving,” Sullivan explained.

The committee discussed the cost of purchasing a third trailer, which the chief estimated would be around $17,000. Town Administrator Phil Gould said the trailers are a great educational tool, providing quantifiable data in real time.

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