Club 44 on Route 44

Club 44 on Route 44 was demolished last week to make way for a new development

SMITHFIELD – Club 44 is no more as of last Friday after construction crews razed the old-time vacant restaurant to make way for the entrance of a new development.

The site, located at 355 Putnam Pike, is slated to be the entrance of a proposed mixed-use development, Smithfield Village, on 27 acres behind the former club.

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Thankfully my classmate, Calvin Gaudet, has gone to be with the Lord and won’t have to worry about the plans for his former business, Club 44.


I guess I will be staying out of that end of town


I'm not down with this. Two words. Traffic nightmare. It's already bad enough traffic-wise. If I can vote against this, I will.


I certainly agree with you. Rt 44 is already backed up with traffic all day long now. I remember when I moved to Smithfield 20 years ago, the traffic was comfortable. The Greystone bridge closure has caused Esmond St and Waterman Ave to become a nightmare, a real nuisance. Now they want to add an additional traffic lights on 44 and expand Esmond St which again is going to cause the residents of both Esmond and Waterman now to deal with more traffic and bottlenecks in the area. It's bad enough that we have to deal with semi trucks using the side streets, but now those who are taking the shortcuts are now speeding down Esmond and Waterman going more than 60mph. I used to see N. Providence and Smithfield Police in the area, but not in the last 7 months. Just as I was typing this response a car just drove down Waterman going 75mph and not an office in sight. This is what we in the area are dealing with now, and can you imagine what's going to happen when those new traffic lights go up? The Towns of Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston and Greenville are not made to handle any addditional traffic.

Thomas Ficca

How expensive is it to purchase a radar gun? You must have one to know the car was doing 75 mph

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