327 Pine St.

The 327 Pine St. property that is slated to one day be redeveloped into nearly 200 residential units.

PAWTUCKET – The Pawtucket-Central Falls Joint Planning Commission’s vote last week to approve demolition of a portion of a property at 327 Pine St. will help make way for nearly 200 planned new residential units in the future, including 49 units within the historic rehabilitation portion of the structure at that address.

Assistant Director of Planning and Redevelopment Jay Rosa said the commission approved demolition of the rear metal-clad portion of the structure, preserving the two-story front-facing masonry portion of the structure with smokestack fronting on Barton Street.

The Pawtucket Historic District Commission did not object to partial demolition, he noted.

Demolition within the Conant Thread Zoning District and near the train station set to open next year requires that the property owner also present a conceptual plan for future use. Future development here includes 49 residential units within the historic rehab portion and proposed 132 residential units of new construction along Pine Street.

The project is one of many in the Conant Thread District as developers seek to capitalize on the coming train station and the commuters who will want to live within easy walking distance, including the redevelopment of the New England Paper Tube building and a seven-story mixed development on Dexter Street, among others.

The Planning Commission last week voted on conditional support in concept for the plan, but specifically requested that they be revised moving forward to demonstrate adequate off-street parking to support anticipated future demand, said Rosa.

The building at 327 Pine St. was most recently operated by a recycling business. It has been vacant for several years and has a record of code issues over that time related to storage, illegal dumping, and being open to the elements, among others, said Rosa.

Pine Street Development purchased the property for $1 million in January. It is assessed in Pawtucket’s tax records at $1.05 million.

As of now, the applicant has not submitted an application for a tax stabilization agreement with the city.

Also at the Nov. 16 meeting of the Pawtucket City Planning Commission, the board conditionally approved a minor subdivision to create three buildable lots at 232 Columbus Ave. Proposed is a development to include two single-family residential structures on Dean Street and one two-family structure on Columbus Avenue. The proposed two-family structure requires a use variance from the Zoning Board, said Rosa. That application is scheduled to be heard at a public hearing Nov. 29.

A proposal by Pawtucket Central Falls Development to demolish a vacant and deteriorating structure at 38 Japonica St. and build a new 5-unit townhouse, including a mix of four workforce rental units and one market rate unit, received conditional approval at the Nov. 16 meeting.

The project’s proximity to the Blackstone River and site stormwater infrastructure will require Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management approval as well. The proposal complies with zoning regulations, so no approval is needed by the Zoning Board.

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