WOONSOCKET – Outgoing City Councilor Denise Sierra has followed through on her earlier warning that she might seek the removal of Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt from office, filing an official complaint for removal this week.

Sierra is alleging numerous violations of the city’s charter related to the mayor not following the mandates of the council.

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I was thinking before I fell asleep last night. I wonder if the Woonsocket City Council can stipulate, in the penalty phase of the impeachment trial, that the mayor, LBH can no longer hold office because of her repeated and chronic instances of malfeasance, charter violations, and corruption.

James Peters

Hmmm....city councilors make 54k? If this is true, then we're paying them 378k collectively to tax us to death. Plus health benefits and access to a future pension?

Someone please advise. If what i'm stating is true, then this is not public service. This is a public menace.


The issue we are having is that our homes received around a 125% increase give or take in evaluation along with a handful of others while other homes more valued than others barely saw & an evaluation increase, an issue we thought the Council would take on & look into. putting that aside & I may have it wrong but I don't believe the Council makes more than $9,500 each & they do put a lot of time into this. They probably make less than minimum wage if you calculate the hours they work for the City.

James Peters

Well, if you're correct about the Council taking this on and your figure is correct, they're not worth 9.5k. I suspect every multi-family got hit with this monster. The city thinks you're getting rich Dee. Cheers!


City Council members make $9k a year. I believe the remark is the collective amount that Councilwoman Sierra has made over her term.


Anyone who’s read my recent comments understands my frustrations with certain issues like my tax increase on my property, but setting my emotions aside, I am a slave to the facts. The fact is she is the highest vote getter of all the elected officials. Thousands vote for her. She is mayor because that is the will of the people period. The Only people that should Ever remove her from office are the voters period. What’s frustrating as a citizen is that the City is becoming stagnant because the administration & the council cannot work together period, it’s sad, woonsocket has made so much progress over the past decade, now many projects are being held up. Personally, I was excited about the new food market & sports complex that is in the works but now will become a victim of this fight. I am sure many other positive things I didn’t know about too.


only reason she is mayor is because she buys the seniors in all the high rises meals during election years then stick the voting machines in the high rises


My biggest concern was not seeing certain projects move through that came from certain departments that worked hard to put them together, with that said, I was deeply disturbed by what I witnessed at the last City Council meeting. I am now putting my own ideals on the side because it’s more clear that something is very wrong and it needs to be resolved, otherwise this City is in deep trouble.


The current mayor is trying to paint herself in a positive light but by insulting and demeaning people that disagree with her it just shows that she is the petulant child we know her to be.

She lacks the professionalism the mayor's office requires as well as the temperament we would expect of someone making decisions for all residents regardless of party.

She has worn out her welcome, abused the office and she does not have the residents best interests at heart. But she sure will drop everything for a photo op.

Time for a real leader to take over.


Have to say, as to watching city council and mayor meetings, the ONLY person who seems aware and active, is James Cournoyer, member of city council. The others had no clue of things, seemed very passive, the mayor had no answers just insults, the city attorney was clueless, etc. I have never watched such a poor display of what should be, organization. They just cannot work together. Period. Seems a full house change is needed and keeping Mr Cournoyer because he is on the ball with financial matters and all things.

James Peters

Yeah, ok. He just vigorously voted for my tax increase while his taxes went down. He talks a good game is about it. No thanks, talk is cheap and he needs to go along with everyone else.


Should only be the start of Woonsocket's house cleaning. You need to get rid of every city council member as well, and remove any and ALL upper lever management cronies they hired or appointed.

This is directed right at city councilor Cournoyer.

Tom K

More tiny politics. It’s like Season 4, episode 8 of a bad reality show. Every character playing their role as instructed by the producers. You got alliances, villains, broken friendships, one on one interviews, people getting voted off…all filmed live and uncensored. It’s not very entertaining though. Kinda sad actually.

There is no outcome to this situation that is favorable to anyone. I understand the impetus and the desperation behind it, but it’s going to have undesirable effects. The Council has the authority and the votes to effectively remove the mayor. But to what end? Here’s how it plays out: she’s removed and temporarily replaced (by the Council president?). The city operations get disrupted for the time being. Meanwhile, LBH gets some time off only a couple months before a major election. Where do you think that extra time, energy and money is going to be directed toward? Not sipping margaritas. So a huge campaign against council members. The mayor will still get re-elected, similar to the Fall River mayor a few years ago. And the city will be more confused and disheartened than ever. Additional bad press to follow.

The other outcome is a nonsense hearing where the mayor will be given an open microphone. She’ll rip apart each Council member individually and vigorously. Then the Council will vote NOT to removed the mayor, showing an inability to follow through with an action. The mayor will maintain office and get re-elected, while riding the wave of “the Council trying to create a distraction”.

Either outcome, the Council has inadvertently dug its own hole and strengthened the mayor’s position. Go Novans!

James Peters

Agreed. In the meantime....taxes have gone up significantly. Grade school stuff while the city continues it's downward spiral. The evidence is everywhere, you need only to look.


Everyone I know was absolutely ecstatic with joy 😄 hearing about the pending removal of the mayor ... It is long overdue!!! Everyone would also like to see TERM LIMITS for ALL Woonsocket elected officials including mayor and city council ... It would be GREAT😄 if the Valley breeze ran a poll to see where the public stands on term limits for ALL elected officials ...


I most definitely agree time for new blood who actually care for our city

James Peters

Maybe Denise can pay for my $736.00 supplemental-tax like increase on the way out.

Jean Luc

This current mayor is the worst we have ever had. She tries to rule her roost with an iron hand, and has gotten nothing done. Take a drive around the city. Go down Social Street, Diamond Hill and Main Street. Look at all the businesses that have left, and look at how run down everything looks. I would welcome a fresh amount of leadership - someone who can actually lead us to a prosperous future. As of right now, I see nothing prospering in the city.


I like most people so miss the thriving Woonsocket of the 70's and 80's ... It's like a ghost town now ... Trash, nip bottles , litter everywhere ... Politicians including LBH destroyed Woonsocket .. Woonsocket should not be considered a city anymore ... North Smithfield is much more of a thriving city than Woonsocket ..

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