Patricia DeDora-St. Germain

Patricia DeDora-St. Germain

PAWTUCKET – The Ward 6 Democratic City Committee on Saturday narrowly endorsed Patricia DeDora-St. Germain in the two-person race.

DeDora-St. Germain and Marlena Martins Stachowiak each officially filed papers to run by last Friday’s 4 p.m. deadline and must now gather signatures by Oct. 5 to qualify for the ballot.

Sunday’s confidential paper endorsement vote was 3-2, with both DeDora-St. Germain and Martins Stachowiak allowed to cast votes among that number as members of the committee.

Former Councilor Tim Rudd, whose early departure from the District 6 council seat is necessitating Pawtucket’s second special election this year, was previously on the committee. Member Kathleen Brown wasn’t present on Sunday. Other members of the committee include Lori Barden, Patricia Murray, and Chairwoman Margaret-Mary Belliveau-Hovarth.

DeDora-St. Germain said she emphasized her record of filling many similar functions to what a district City Council member does, a “proven record of getting things done,” with groups such as the Fairlawn Against Crime Together, or F.A.C.T., group. She said she’s consistently worked to get things done as a resident of the district, and said she thinks her speech Sunday emphasizing her work fighting against relocating and expanding the city’s waste transfer station resonated with committee members.

With no Republicans or independents declaring for the race, this becomes a winner-take-all primary on Nov. 2, with the winner facing no opposition in the Dec. 7 general election.

Candidates must have nomination papers with signatures of qualified voters turned in by next Tuesday, Oct. 5, and the deadline to register to vote in the primary is this Sunday, Oct. 3. The mail ballot deadline for the primary is Oct. 12, and in-person voting at Pawtucket City Hall starts Oct. 13. Polls will be open on Nov. 2 primary day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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