Over the weekend, Glenn Dusablon, an electrical inspector in Woonsocket for 18 years, filed as a candidate for the open House District 49 seat, covering sections of Woonsocket and North Smithfield.

“I am running to help families, working men and women, our elderly, our veterans, people with disabilities, our children, and our grandchildren — I will be working for them as State Representative. I have experience bringing people together with different viewpoints, and I will bring an independent voice to the State House to improve the lives of those who are struggling right now in Woonsocket and North Smithfield,” Dusablon said in a press release.

Dusablon said he is committed to helping residents in Woonsocket, North Smithfield, and Rhode Island, who are struggling with the rapid rise in cost of living by keeping more money in their pockets through elimination of the car tax and suspension of the state gas tax. He is dedicated to adequately funding Medicaid for seniors, providing the resources necessary for individuals living with disabilities, and ensuring our frontline caregivers, who take care of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable, earn a living wage. He will also prioritize reducing prescription drug prices.

Raised in Woonsocket and now living in North Smithfield, Dusablon said he also supports continued investment in the creation of good new jobs in the ‘Green and Blue’ economies by continuing implementation of the landmark Act on Climate legislation passed last year. Dusablon served the public as the chief electrical investigator for thirteen years at the DLT where he made sure work was done properly by legitimate electrical contractors to protect Rhode Islanders.

Dusablon is a husband, father and grandfather who has lived in his current North Smithfield home for 26 years. He is running in the Democratic Primary.

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