FOSTER – Foster Social Services is hosting an informational meeting to address the growing need for heating assistance, food insecurity and other public assistance programs next Wednesday, Jan. 12 at the Eddy Building, 6 South Killingly Road.

Foster Social Services Director Allison Bouchard said she and representatives for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, will help Foster residents keep warm this winter, and assist them with enrollment with that and other Department of Human Services programs.

“It’s a matter of getting resources out there and informing people of what can help,” she said.

Bouchard said many are struggling with prices rising, and that there is definitely a need in Foster with the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty.

She said people assume they are above the income requirements for LIHEAP or other programs, but are often wrong.

“They are made to ease the burden for some people,” Bouchard said.

According to the fiscal year 2022 gross income guidelines, a family of four with an income of no more than $64,702 is eligible for heating assistance. For a family of three, the maximum income is $54,350; for a family of two, the maximum income is $43,997; and $33,645 for a family of one.

Bouchard’s DHS office at Foster Town Hall is in the basement, with a separate parking lot, for people to come and go privately. She also runs a food pantry and helps with government benefits as well as retirement and health insurance.

“It’s definitely a great resource especially out in the sticks of Foster,” she said.

The informational session will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Eddy Building. Call 401-392-9208.

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