Sticker Shock

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The Southern Providence County Regional Coalition, representing North Providence, Smithfield, Johnston, Scituate and Cranston, will hold its Thanksgiving Sticker Shock Campaign this Friday, Nov. 19, at 3 p.m. at Shore’s Food Market, 1590 Mineral Spring Ave.

Shore’s has agreed to partner with the group, which includes the North Providence Prevention Coalition, on the local version of a national campaign to reduce underage drinking by limiting youth access to alcohol.

The campaign, which will also be run at the big Dave’s Marketplace store in neighboring Smithfield, is designed to discourage adults from buying alcohol for minors. It gives organizers the opportunity to create connections between retailers and the community at-large, said Pamela Taylor, prevention community coordinator at Tri-County Community Action Agency.

“We work with retailers to provide important prevention messaging to curb youth use. It is important to engage the community and work with partners to assist us because we cannot do it alone,” she said.

Historically, the coalition has worked with alcohol retailers that have allowed students from the local high and middle schools to place stickers on packages containing alcohol. The goal is to remind those who purchase alcohol not to provide alcohol to minors. Advocates have also had success placing stickers on pizza boxes at several restaurants in the area. This year, that effort has been expanded to supermarkets.

Taylor said organizers are excited that Shore’s has agreed to partner with the group. Students from North Providence will be going to the market to place the stickers on turkeys and stuffing boxes.

Taylor’s colleague, Patty Sweet, who is running the program, said this is really about expanding the reach of the campaign to get parents to understand the social host law.

“It’s really to get parents to be educated about the law that they should not serve alcohol to minors,” she said. “A lot of parents are unaware,” she said, as are older siblings.

Sweet said the primary targets of the campaign are the high-need communities of North Providence, Cranston, and Johnston.

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