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NORTH SMITHFIELD – School Committee member and Democrat Paul Jones is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Brian Newberry in the Rhode Island House District 48 race. Jones, a resident of North Smithfield, has served on the School Committee there for six years and is a small business owner. Newberry, an attorney who was originally elected to the General Assembly in 2008, served as a minority leader from 2011 to 2017.

Jones, 35, who lists himself as owner of The Care Concierge of New England, says he decided to run because he wants to help people, and working to improve the quality of life for people has always been his “calling.”

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Brian Newberry can't bring many resources to the district, because he is an obstructionist. He has fallen far from the time of when he was the Minority Leader. I used to respect him, but now it's clear he's sided with the extremists like Rep Place vs moderates like Rep Fenton-Fung. He votes just to spite the district, against many of his constituents' wishes. Paul Jones will be a great asset to North Smithfield and Burrillville.

Pete Godon

I'm not sure if there is any other member of the House who has knocked on as many doors as Brian has. At these house visits he is able to hear what we want. I've meet Rep. Newberry many times. He knows where I stand on the issues. He serves me well. I'm glad Brian is my voice for District 48. As far as Mr. Jones goes. He has never came to my house. I never met him. He can't claim to know my needs. I will be voting for Rep. Newberry again.


To begin with Brian has served this district for 14 years and while he knocks on many doors when running his campaign, I have rarely seen him at any meeting outside of that, except when the school committee was discussing masking. In addition, he has twice voted against codifying Roe vs Wade at the state level. He has voted against raising the purchasing age of assault rifles to 21, voted against raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, voted against raising the age of tobacco purchase to 21 and voted to allow domestic abusers access to weapons. Please, inform your voting decision and go to Votesmart, an impartial database to view Brian’s record for yourself. Yes, Brian is a nice guy, well educated and has a nice family, but do his votes represent your best interests?

Harry Lippitt

MCC - what other state leaders are regular attendees at local town level meetings?? Yes, Brian was present at the infamous mask meeting; as a parent of children in our schools, not as our state rep. I believe he actually opened with that when he spoke. The same meeting in which NS “white knight” and Covid savior Paul Jones was going to save every child from Covid when he announced on his page prior to the meeting he was going to do so. Never let a good crisis go to waste right ??? That’s what Paul Jones did. He politicized masking and is a fraud.

As for Brian’s voting record, let’s set some facts and records straight:

1. The abortion bill didn't codify Roe. It went well beyond. It essentially prohibits any restrictions on abortion up to birth, a position favored only by extremists such as yourself and Paul Jones.

2. He voted against a bill prohibiting people under age 21 from bring able to purchase any long gun. This would include shot guns, hunting rifles etc. So under your logic you can be drafted and die for your country but can't buy a .22 caliber rifle to hunt ???

3. Why the heck should people have to be 21 to buy tobacco? Again - you can vote, pay taxes and be drafted and die but you are too young to make decisions about tobacco?

4. The domestic abuse thing is the "red flag law” And of course in Rhode Island, the gun control crowd pushed for a law so riddled with due process violations and open to abuse even the ACLU opposed it.

5. Do you know what $15 min wage does to a small / mid size business ??? Who pays for that ??

I look forward to seeing Brian re-elected handily by his proud base of supporters in northern Rhode Island who don’t subscribe to the extreme progressive Joe Biden “30 day spin kit” on speaking points. You should ask for a refund.


Everyone politicized masking, but those who voted to mask our children included every member of the school committee, except for Jim Lombardi, so I guess you could say there were a few white nights and the teachers who spoke were also in favor. I would have assumed Brian would be against it. As far as assault rifles and your comparisons, you cannot consume alcohol until 21 and you cannot purchase tobacco until the age of 21. So why should an underage male have access to a much more lethal weapon and the last time there was a draft was Vietnam. My husband was drafted and served, did you? And please tell me the percentage of women that wait until full term to abort? If my doctor told me that my life would be endangered in the third term and I chose to abort, is that any of your business? My husband and I own a small business and we would not think to start an employee out at $15.00 per hour. Why do you think no one wants to work? And by the way, $15.00 isn’t even a living wage. You try it some day! Brian may well win. But none of his votes will improve the quality of life that I have and if more people who think like Brian win, women’s reproductive rights will be under assault.

Citizen Greg

Mary do you ever have an original thought of any kind? You don't have to list the communist manifesto every time you feel the need to comment on local media.

Tom Devito

My support is for Brian Newberry. Brian has been a positive representative for the people of our area and has the skills, education, and experience to make the appropriate decisions in the best interest of the constituents.

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