Route 44 at Greenville Avenue

Route 44 through Greenville continues to be a dangerous stretch of roadway.

SMITHFIELD – Removing the left turn option and adding signage off Greenville Avenue onto Putnam Pike is the first among many planned steps to alleviate traffic congestion and accidents along the Route 44 corridor in Greenville, says Town Councilor Sean Kilduff.

Kilduff said the Rhode Island Department of Transportation gave the town several recommendations after conducting an in-depth study at the request of the Smithfield Traffic Safety Commission.

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I brought up a solution to Sean many many months ago and of course the State keeps this process slow and monotonous.

The solution is simple: First, 44 should not be a 4-lane highway. We can move MORE cars with a 2-lane road (like everything west of here) with roundabouts on the complex intersections, Smith & Pleasantview. The conversion to a 2-lane simplifies conflict points, letting Austin Ave be a stop sign again. Roundabouts will keep traffic moving & let Greenville Ave keep their "lefts" by using the roundabouts which is FASTER than actually taking a left there. Making this road a 2-way all the way down to Stop & Shop makes all left turns safe in that neighborhood & permits bike lanes to boot.

Elegant, forward-thinking solutions are critical for this stretch of road.


And where do you expect the land to come from to produce these roundabouts??


Already a turn worth avoiding, but I have a bad feeling that this will just make some people detour through the Newport Creamery instead.

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