LINCOLN – Amanda Lepelstat is turning disposable plastic bags into reusable items, highlighting the importance of recycling and reuse in protecting the ocean.

After joining a crocheting Facebook group, she stumbled across an online video of someone turning plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for those suffering from homelessness, as well as into reusable plastic bags.

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Well done! - Another fine story from the Breeze and this lady should be complimented for her inititative - keep up the good work, Amanda!

Amanda Lepelstat

Apparently, although I'm a scientist, I don't know how to operate the comments section here! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ME, other ways to do so are through facebook (Amanda Leigh) or Instagram (@_underworld_photography_)

Amanda Lepelstat

Some documentaries about plastic pollution and overfishing that are great to watch are: FIN, Envoy: Shark Cull, Sharkwater, Sharkwater Extinction, and Revolution (Revolution is related to the Sharkwater films).

Amanda Lepelstat

Thank you Sofia!

Amanda Lepelstat

Thank you so much, Sofia! This means a lot to me! For everyone else, I have some recommendations for documentaries to watch that teach the realities of what's going on in the world regarding plastic pollution and overfishing. They are:

- FIN by Eli Roth and Leonardo DiCaprio

- Envoy: Shark Cull by Andre Borell, Reese Lowe, Madison Stewart

- Sharkwater, Sharkwater Extinction, and Revolution by Rob Stewart

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