LINCOLN – Two new ordinances are being written to control public smoking in Lincoln, including tobacco and cannabis.

The ordinance controlling cannabis was submitted by Town Councilor TJ Russo, ordinance subcommittee chairperson, in an effort to “get ahead of the cannabis situation that’s about to happen, or that is happening.”

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People with respiratory illness will be thankful for the passage of such a regulation. Smokers have rights, but so do non smokers. Nothing like going into a business or coming out and several people are gathered smoking away. Takes your breathe away. And can trigger asthma for example. Or not being able to enjoy outdoor events because of smokers so you stay away. It is a tough call.

James Barton

This will be abused. Places that do not want smoking put up no smoking signs.


Please, please pass this. It is truly amazing how inconsiderate people are with smoking in public. I was sitting in a restaurant and this kid was vaping and because it was Tabaco he thought he had the right to smoke at the bar. However, he quickly stopped :))))).


Please do prohibit smoking both substances in public places. Thank you!!!

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