Lincoln Middle School crosswalk

The crosswalk sign at Lincoln Middle School may be upgraded to include flashing lights.

LINCOLN – In an effort to enhance pedestrian safety, Town Administrator Phil Gould is advocating for flashing signs at two crosswalks in town.

Gould has requested flashing signs for the crosswalk at Lincoln Middle School and another for the crosswalk at Old River Road and Cross Street in Manville.

The State Traffic Commission will need to sign off on both potential improvements. The requests appeared on the commission’s Dec. 1 meeting agenda, and members are expected to hear both items early next year, possibly at the Feb. 2 meeting.

In the meantime, there will be a traffic study conducted in both areas.

Gould said several constituents have reached out to request a flashing light at the LMS crosswalk on Jenckes Hill Road. That crosswalk is frequently used by students after school and on the weekends to access Lime Acres Park across the road.

“After talking to constituents who are concerned about the amount of speeding going on there, I think this is a common sense request,” he said. “Going into the winter we have less people crossing there, but in the spring and fall we certainly have a lot of crossing to get to different sports.”

The second request calls for a lighted sign at the existing crosswalk at Old River Road and Cross Street.

Another constituent came to Gould asking for a better crosswalk indicator there.

“A lot of kids that live down in the village walk to Manville Park. That’s where they cross,” he said. “There’s a bend in the road as you come around the corner — it makes sense to have a highlighted crosswalk there for the kids going back and forth.”

The requests before the Traffic Commission call for a “Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon,” which flashes LED-based lights at a high frequency when activated.

He said there could be two additional Traffic Commission requests in the near future, calling for additional signage for no thru-trucking.

Martin Street is an issue, he said. Trucks aren’t allowed up Cullen Hill Road, but their GPS sends them that way anyway.

“It’s not a road built for that,” Gould said. Despite trucks being prohibited, “a lot of trucking comes through there.”

He’s hoping the state will agree to add a no thru-trucking sign on the Cumberland side of the Martin Street bridge heading toward Lincoln, and a better sign at the top of Cullen Hill.

He also hopes to update “no trucking” signage on Cobble Hill Road, near Lakeview Avenue, where a Lincoln resident said tractor-trailer trucks are constantly passing through.

Finally, Gould said he’d like to look into updating the actual crosswalk signs located inside Lincoln school zones. Some of them already have a flashing sign, but he said the signs themselves are dated.

“With the technology being what it is, there are now brighter LED lights available. We have to start moving in that direction,” he said.

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