Charlotte Fellingham

Editor’s note: This year we’ll have students from both Lincoln High School and Cumberland High School regularly updating readers on what’s happening in their schools. This is round one from Lincoln. We welcome all of the writers aboard.

After four years of a long reconstruction process, Lincoln High School is finally finished. Seniors have been experiencing construction since freshman year, and it’s all that they’ve known until now. The town has been waiting a long time for the final product to be completed, and now the time has finally arrived.

The completed project includes two renovated wings with classrooms, a gym, locker rooms, athletic/weight room, a cafeteria, and auditorium. Completely new are administration offices, cafeteria, library, the “C-wing,” and the front offices. Many errors have occurred during the process, but students, administration, and teachers alike are happy that it is completed.

Students have survived the disruptions of construction, but now they get to reap the benefits of a renovated high school.

“I feel a big relief that it’s over,” said senior Tyler Ogni. “I’m excited that it is finished, so we get to experience it for our full senior year. At times it was a hindrance, but we knew it would be worth it in the end, and now we get to see the results after those long days where all we could hear was bulldozers and jackhammers.”

The project also includes new classroom and office furnishings, newly designed and constructed parking, smart boards, heating and cooling systems, and a soon-to-be reopened school store.

Though the interior is completed, work is still being done on the exterior of the building and a possible LHS student/athletic center will dramatically upgrade LHS’ athletic facilities.

Things that were supposed to be a part of the project, but didn’t make it, were the outside dining commons and an expansion of the main gym, among other things.

On Thursday, Oct. 14, from 6:30 to 7 p.m., the School Department is hosting an official ribbon-cutting ceremony that will showcase the school and celebrate the finished project. The event is open to the public.

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Congrats on your first article in the Valley Breeze Charlotte! What an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for taking the time to interview and add me into your piece. You will do great things one day!!!

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