LINCOLN – The Lincoln Police Department is urging residents, particularly those in the Smithfield Avenue area, to be vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity after a series of break-ins.

In the past two weeks, residents reported a breaking-and-entering and an attempted breaking-and-entering during the overnight hours.

The first incident was on April 28 at around 5:30 a.m., according to police, who said an intruder entered a home on Smithfield Avenue while the residents were sleeping.

After confronting the residents, the suspect, described as a “possibly white male, wearing a black mask and dark clothing,” fled the home on foot toward Read Avenue.

Lincoln officers checked the area but didn't find the suspect.

The second incident occurred on May 6 at around 2:30 a.m. Residents of a home on Read Avenue woke up to loud banging. When they went to investigate, they saw a suspect opening the storm door in front of their house.

Once the suspect saw the residents, he turned and fled down Orchard Street to Smithfield Avenue. Officers did not locate the suspect after searching the area.

Witnesses described the suspect as possibly being white or Hispanic male wearing a dark ski mask, a gray sweatshirt and dark pants.

Police said it’s unknown whether the two incidents are related.

They suggested that residents lock their doors at night and report anything that appears suspicious.

If residents have any information related to these incidents, or find anything on home surveillance cameras that may be related, they are asked to call Det. Wingate at the Lincoln Police Department at 401-333-1111.

The Lincoln Police Department will be increasing patrols in the area.


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