Dylan Rodas


CUMBERLAND – A Monastery Heights neighborhood that’s seen more than its share of high-profile crime headlines over the past few years experienced another shocker this week, as a new house that had replaced a dilapidated old home was revealed to be a hub for drug distribution.

The announcement that Dylan Rodas, the man who recently purchased the property at 49 Rhode Island Ave. and built a new home there, was responsible for the likely largest bust involving fake Adderall pills ever came as a shock to residents, some of whom had wondered what was happening when they saw the house being searched in late March.

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Penalty should be he should take 1% of what he was selling . How many peoples life's were ruined by that poison.


You mean to tell me this guy had almost seven hundred pounds of drugs and two ghost guns and he's only going to jail for ten years?? That's it?? Wow! These fake pills are killing people left and right because people take them and they don't know there's fentanyl in them! This guy is making those pills (and others) but lets just put him in jail for ten years. Who are they kidding he'll be out in 5 to 7 on good behavior. What a time to be a major drug dealer!


Dems and their soft on crime stance


Wow. Amazing work. My guess is he loses his contractor license. As a parent, it boggles my mind how some do not keep a vested interest in what little junior is doing so much down in the basement….in their house! Just my two cents…..👀

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