Rebar traps

Someone appears to be setting rebar traps in the Handy Pond Conservation area, says a local man.

LINCOLN – Manville resident George Liberty is warning ATV riders in the area toward the rear of the Handy Pond Preserve off Old River Road to beware of rebar and wooden stakes that someone has been placing in the woods in an apparent attempt to stop riders.

Liberty said he goes slowly through the area when on his four-wheeler, but he knows many younger people go flying through on their ATVs and dirt bikes and he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt badly or killed.

Liberty said he’s not sure exactly who owns the property where he’s been finding the items.

“Even if they’re on your property, you can’t set traps for people,” he said. “I’ve never seen this.”

Liberty said he suspects that some riders might be cutting through the edge of the property owned by the Manville Sportsmen’s Rod and Gun Club.

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Looks like a croquet wickit to me. Stop trespassing and putting in in the news. Ride on your own land. Do you want strangers riding atv's on your property? They don't, either. Your complaint is not valid.


Hopefully the police will be making a visit to the individual who made the complaint for willful trespass and illegal use of a atv.


Actually, "packs of idiots" are riding on the roads because of people like Albion123 who clearly has zero tolerance for outdoor, recreational exploration which has been a part of Lincoln far longer than he/she has.

We should all be upset about the lack of respect some of our youth have for society, and our open spaces, but the person reporting the traps doesn't appear to be one of them.

Besides, respect works in two directions, and Albion123's insults are undeserving and crude.

If we want our kids to be respectful, we should set the right example.


Oh, Bob, you card you....i was fairly certain it was you before, I'm certain now.

How do you know how old I am, or how long I've lived in Lincoln? I thought you were for law and order? Seems to me you'd have stronger words for people breaking the law in town.


I would prefer to be called a "Bob" than a "Karen."


OK, I'll bite. Traps are definitely bad, illegal, etc. I do not support them and think anyone doing that should be arrested and charged. Now, besides that: Why are you riding your ATV illegally on town property? How about you stop riding your toy on land that doesn't belong to you? Let me just get the inevitable derp out of the way: the town has no obligation to provide you with a place to ride. Buy your own property, or go someplace open to the public where riding is allowed. If I buy a jetski, I would not expect that the government will provide me with a lake or ocean to use it on. This is why packs of idiots are terrorizing people on our streets and roads-- you bought a giant man toy and now you're going to stomp your foot because you can't ride it. Boo hoo.

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