Martins Stachowiak

PAWTUCKET – Lifelong Fairlawn resident and local small business owner Marlena Martins Stachowiak says she continues to work hard to connect and gain the voters’ support ahead of the City Council District 6 special election next Tuesday, Dec. 7, after previously winning the primary.

“Helping and moving my community forward has always been my passion. I am thankful for all of the voters who have come out to support me in the primary,” said Martins Stachowiak. “We are not done yet though, as we still have the general election on Tuesday. I continue to make sure I am listening and being responsive to our residents. Together, we will continue to make our community a better place.”

If elected city councilor, Martins Stachowiak is promising a focus on quality of life and public safety in Fairlawn and the downtown.

“Quality of life has been a top priority for me, even more so now that I have been hearing from residents. I will focus on revamping our neighborhood parks/green spaces, including the addition of our dog park in our neighborhood along with more usable public space,” she said.

Martins Stachowiak, who noted that she was integral in advocating the city and Public Works Department on bringing a new dog park to Fairlawn, also played a role in the reopening of the pool this year, advocating and working through Mayor Donald Grebien’s administration. Traffic concerns in the neighborhoods also remain at the top of her list of issues to address.

Martins Stachowiak lives in Fairlawn with her husband Brian and two adopted children who attend Nathanael Greene Elementary School.

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