Mother Earth

Eddie Keegan, left, and Joe Pakuris are pictured here as they were set to open Mother Earth Wellness on Esten Avenue in Pawtucket last year.

PAWTUCKET – Avoiding a $10,000-per-day fine for advertising along the highway, owners of the Mother Earth Wellness marijuana dispensary on Esten Avenue pulled down their ads on I-95 Monday morning.

Mother Earth owner Joe Pakuris, who opened the dispensary with Eddie Keegan a year ago, told The Breeze he believes state officials are refusing to remove a prohibition on public advertising by in-state marijuana sellers because they know the advertising power he holds for his own business along the highway.

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Marijuana is the literally the least of anyone’s problems.

Have you ever heard of a domestic assault because someone was too high?

Have you ever heard of marijuana being the reason for a divorce or estrangement from one’s family?

Have you ever heard of a fist fight because people were too high and rowdy.

I bet not- but I can guarantee everyone’s lives has been affected in some way by an alcoholic.

Instead of worrying about a billboard why don’t we focus on helping our alcoholics get help. I can guarantee the rate of divorce, traffic accidents and domestic assaults will drop dramatically if people can get the help they need.


“It makes no sense that this is so easy to fix and they don’t do it,” he said.

The "easy fix" is to disallow all pot shop billboards in Rhode Island. It's what best for the community.


So glad we have you as the chair of the "What's good for our community" committee.


Pot shop?


The rules were in place when the pot shop opened, right? It's not like the rules changed. The owners opened the shop knowing the rules.


Yeah, but the do-nothing governor sat on his hands when he was supposed to be appointing member to the cannabis commission to regulate (and likely allow) such advertising. How long are these business owners, including the owners of the other dispensaries, supposed to wait before the governor actually does his job? And then to have DBR threaten these businessmen with $10,000 per day fines? Time to rename them the Department of Business Ruination. And time to rename McKee ex-governor.


Imagine living in a state that allows other states to advertise their businesses, but then threatens it's own residents when they do the same. The Governor has dragged his feet on the creation of his board of overseers and this is now the result. This has to be one of the most shameful things I have seen when it comes to the state being business friendly. This state is actively and literally visably suppressing our small businesses while promoting out of state businesses.


The answer is to block all advertising of pot shops. Why do we have to live like this -- surrounded by billboards for pot shops?


Any legal business should be able to advertise. You may not get any benefit from a dispensary, but perhaps some of the other million residents in RI do.


@CumberlandKraken Because of that pesky 1st Ammendment, mostly. I prefer the pot billboards over the ambulance chasers.


I'd rather dispensary advertisements than religious advertisements.


More complete stupidity from our leaders. Welcome to RI

Thomas Ficca

The no plan leader at the top doing their best work as usual !

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