WOONSOCKET – Mother Gianna Read says Woonsocket schools are “not safe,” claiming her 6-year-old son Giovanni Johnson, who attends Harris Elementary School, was overdosed on ADHD medication at the school on Oct. 11.

School officials are now reviewing the incident.

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No surprise…again and again….my comment not up. It had questions….


I could see this coming. A normal parent doesn’t take pics of their kid that is in distress or immediately call the media. The nurse was fired, she filed a complaint with the board of health and now she is just looking for a settlement. It is awful that this happened, but there is no long term damage done to her child and the fact that she just seems out for money makes her look less credible. I have a feeling it was an honest mistake. Move on.


I’m sorry inform me please ! See what coming this has nothing to do about money I don’t need money nor am I owe to just sue for anything ! You don’t know me and I don’t know you lol your totally irrelevant in my eyes ! You can say and think what u want lol you don’t bother nor phase me you don’t know the back ground to it or the history and what I been threw ! So that’s ok lol and for your info this isn’t my son in destress this is after the fact so please get your facts straight and know what your talking about before u open your mouth of yours lmao and how do you know there isn’t no long term effect lol do you know my child nah you don’t do I advise u to stick your nose where it belongs cause it ain’t here about my kid period ! Again hunny nothing about money you don’t know a dam thing so go find something else to do thank you so the one that can MOVE ON IS YOUUUUUU your Dismissed


Dismissed…pshhh. You are a joke.


Do not let other ppl bother you. You need answers. Truthful answers as to what was given and how much. And by whom. And whether the med is the right one and or dose for your child. You have a right to question things, you would not be a great mom if you did not! God bless.


[ohmy] my shocked face.


Right! This woman just sees $$$. If you want to see changes, you go to school committee meetings and write to your local reps, you don’t instantly sue.

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