Magic Bus

Scott McGee and his bus, which he says was helpful in his team’s win for council and mayor in Woonsocket.

WOONSOCKET – Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt and her newly elected group of allies set to join the City Council say they’re ready to work together to move the city’s many projects forward.

“I am touring that beautiful Cass Park development that we keep talking about,” she said on the morning of Nov. 11, 72 hours after the Nov. 8 election. Joining her during the tour last Friday were newly elected Councilors Brian Thompson, Scott McGee, Garrett Mancieri, and Chris Beauchamp. Valerie Gonzalez and David Soucy, who were re-elected, also joined the mayor.

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Cheri Bolen

Is anyone from the new council going to contact HUD to open up an investigation on how ex-mayor Baldelli-Hunt stacked the Woonsocket Housing Authority Board (WHA BOC ) with inappropriate appointments based on political loyalty rather than what would be in the best interests of WHA residents.

In April 2021, Baldelli-Hunt demonstrated how little she cares about the elderly and other residents of WHA facilities by appointing disgraced ex-police chief, Michael L. A. Houle, a person who was suspended for destroying drug evidence in 2007, HUD recommended the WHA BOC be investigated for financial improprieties during Houle`s first stint on the WHA BOC in their May 2008 OIG Audit of the WHA. Houle was forced to resign in 2008 by the late Mayor Susan Menard after allegations he fixed tests , including for his former wife, Martha Bish` , during the hiring process.

Houle completed his mission for Baldelli-Hunt but I think HUD will have the last word.

The entire WHA BOC and Baldelli-Hunt will eventually be investigated by HUD and it will reveal they all violated HUD`s policy by permitting improper Mayoral interference in a HUD governed Public Housing Authority, and by the Board negatively interfering with the day to day operations.

Jack F. Page

Are the newly elected city council members ready to deal with the FACT that the Mayor violated HUD guidelines by interfering with Woonsocket Housing Authority daily operations, appointing a member, Michael Houle, to the WHA Board who had an existing conflict with former director, Robert Moreau. In addition Houle had a miserable performance record in his first stint on the Board in 2007 ?

ALL because Moreau ,her former political ally and 2016 & 2018 campaign manager put the health and safety of WHA residents above the Mayor`s demand she be allowed to campaign at WHA facilities during COVAID.

Are they ready to investigate HUD`s concern that Baldelli-Hunt stacked the WHA Board with the sole goal of removing Moreau by appointing a person who embarrassed himself and the entire CITY while Chief of Police ?

I didn`t think so !

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