NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town officials have ordered owners of a property next to the back entrance of Shaw’s, on Douglas Avenue, to clean it up or be cited and summoned to answer for its appearance.

The request to put the matter on the agenda at the Sept. 7 council meeting was made by Council President Dino Autiello in response to numerous complaints from people in the neighborhood.

Autiello told The Breeze that the “huge property” runs alongside Town Line Towing & Recovery and all the way back to Cushing Street. It was previously tabbed to hold a self-storage facility, as reported by The Breeze back in 2017.

But the agreement on the project for the property owned by Carpionato has since fallen through, said Autiello, and with it the chance to get it improved to neighbors’ satisfaction, with trash a regular source of complaint.

Neighbors had wanted to testify during last week’s meeting, said Autiello, but were prevented from doing so during what turned out to be a limited in-person meeting.

The town originally gave various approvals for the project, including changing the zoning to commercial, noted Autiello. He said he would still love to see all of Douglas Avenue zoned commercial, “like the second business corridor” that it is along with Mineral Spring Avenue, instead of the spot zoning that exists today.

In the original approval process, neighbors were even allowed to pick out fencing and a landscaping buffer, he said, but nothing ever ended up happening here.

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