NORTH SMITHFIELD – The Rhode Island State Police on Thursday announced that its Intelligence Unit and Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested Elliott Knorr, age 43, of 29 Main St, second floor, North Smithfield,  on weapons charges after an extensive investigation. During the investigation, 15 ghost guns and other weapons, including large-capacity feeding devices, were seized.

"I'm proud of the exceptional work our Troopers did on this investigation," said Col Darnell Weaver, superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and director of the Department of Public Safety. “Ghost guns are a real threat to public safety and being able to impede their manufacture is a win.”

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No amount of laws and gun control will control these ghost guns. And many times, we see, the crazies that be, have bought guns legally….scary, and never to be fully controlled. That s the reality.

The face of domestic terrorism right there.


Ahh, yes. It’s the Troopers fault for this gentleman having 15 illegal guns. I am not a police officer, but I’m guessing when they raid a house with this many weapons and amount of ammo that they probably do it quickly to eliminate any chance of someone in the household being able to grab a weapon. Maybe we should look at it this way, should the gentleman that has these weapons put these kids in this situation?


He owned the illegal guns, that is his fault. My issue is with the treatment of his children, and also that of their guest who did not live there. I highly doubt the sleeping teens in the bedroom were of any substantial threat to the officers, vs the man with the guns, nonviolent or not. He should not have had the guns, nor put his family and guests in that situation. But, they had a warrant. There was no need to escalate it as much as they did.


So this is private info, cannot find anywhere as to treatment of the children, etc. …?


The man was engaged in the illegal manufacturing of dangerous (to the user & target) firearms in a built up multifamily residential area. That there was a scuffle and yelling shouldn't come as a surprise. Lucky for Elliot, he's white - if he were black or brown, he'd have been shot in the back 16 times then charged with bleeding on an officer.


Racist much?


You can take my comments down but you can’t erase what happened. The way this was handled was anything BUT exceptional. The officers in charge of the arrest CAUSED INJURY to a guest in the household, a young person who didn’t even live there. Let alone the TRAUMA caused to the children and family of this man. He wasn’t even violent, there was no need for the excessive force. Absolutely ridiculous. Lawsuit should be filed.


"I'm proud of the exceptional work our Troopers did on this investigation," said Col Darnell Weaver.

Yeah, you forgot the part where the man was nonviolent, and the officers busted into innocent people’s rooms, screamed at a sleeping kid, and caused someone to fall down the stairs and severely sprain their ankle. The trauma this has caused to innocent members of the household is no joke, but this is. Was this really necessary? I’d file for lawsuit if I were them. Get a warrant and seize the firearms. They traumatized innocent adolescents in the middle of the early morning and caused substantial injury to one of them. Sickening. I’m disappointed.


unreal. this is the new america. defend the guy who has multiple ghost guns. maybe the police should have given a courtesy call a few days in advance and a 2 hour window for their arrival.

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