Police station plans

The latest plans show a single-story new police station off Smithfield Road in North Smithfield.

NORTH SMITHFIELD – The town will move forward with nearly $1 million in repairs on the old police station, even while also promoting a ballot question this fall for a new police station at the same Smithfield Road site.

Paul Vadenais, of the Municipal Building Review Task Force, presented the facts to members of the Town Council last Wednesday, April 26, working with representatives from Tecton Architects to spell out the immediate needs to secure the “building envelope” in response to insurability concerns from the Rhode Island Interlocal Trust.

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Here we go....

There is no need for a huge police department for a small town, stick to the plan, renovate the present PD. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be like the middle school...have a referendum, if you don't get the votes needed to pass (only 1 vote, which is a huge joke), have a referendum again, typically an off time of a voting cycle, keep doing it until you finally get your way. I believe this was already voted on, stick to what the people voted for, nothing more....


Every time I have walked into that police station, it is like a ghost town, barely any e but the front desk person. No cars. Ya don’t need a giant building for a small police unit. And seeing you let this building go, the same will be with the new one. It is what it is in that town. High taxes, no action, no senior services to brag about, no taxis, and the list goes on. Having lived in other states and towns allows me to compare and see the major differences of what a put together leadership achieves. Cute town that has become a mean town. Your police force cannot even do something about an elderly person who has had neighbors dumping on their property to now have a huge huge pile of branches, old trees, leaves and twigs left in the dark and nighttime while trespassing. Asking for help to stop it is futile. Some police good, but overall, disappointing as to helping the elderly property owners. This pile now encompasses almost a whole side of the elderly owners house.


Yes, we need a new station. Should it be on the edge of town (basically Woonsocket)? In a residential neighborhood? NO! Look at a map people. It should be built new in an area that can service town residents faster with little attention paid to the Dowling Village shoplifters. Scratch the "senior center" for starters. Priorities, regardless of the grant.


PBIC was not disbanded and replaced because Studio Meja fell out of favor. It sure did get ugly, but for politics of a few, not because PBIC didn't do a great job. We did, we were never listened to, I had to rush through updates to council. Town leadership cared even less after the change of the guard.

It was an ugly time for NS politics, funny though how things have continued and even gotten worse, although most of us involved then resigned due to the absolute unwillingness of the incoming council to meet with PBIC. I'm completely sick of people pointing to PBIC as the problem. Whatever letter designation the group is called NONE were successful.

Why still fling nonsense and lies?

That police station in its further deteriorating condition is an absolute embarrassment. It's unsafe and unfitting for human occupancy in it's current state.

That's not the fault of the commissions and task forces (as a whole) who I genuinely believe want the best for NS. Move forward, put a plan in place and actually execute it. It's the council that doesn't work together.

Studio Meja had a plan within budget, that's not what you hear because it didn't fit the narrative of political opponents.

This is the reason nothing ever moves forward here. To the towns leaders, please forget your politics and alliances and JUST DO IT.

Thomas Ficca

Why has the renovations been done on this building ? The money was taxpayer approved many years ago. Study after study after study and hundreds of thousands of dollars has been wasted on these studies. This was the plan from the start.........drag ones feet till the building can no longer be repaired and the force a "NEW" multi-million dollar building that we don't need. The Town leadership has a CHAMPAGNE taste on a Budweiser budget !

Tom Devito

Beauregard and O'Hara do not care about the taxpayers or the cost that the town can not afford. They want a new police station regardless of the cost or how it effects the taxpayers who are just trying to get by.

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