NORTH SMITHFIELD – Stephanie Bouley says she can hear shouting, screaming and other loud noises from her yard as whiffle ball games are repeatedly played next door.

Last year, she and other residents along Lincoln Road expressed concern about the tournaments being held in the backyard of neighbor E. Justin Simone, and she says the games have continued.

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LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE !!!! ONLY a liberal would complain about healthy kids getting fresh air and exercise during the day ... SMH Kids will be kids :)


It’s a zoning matter, not some litter kids playing ball in the backyard….Teams are coming from all over RI to play here. This is not Barry Field and it is in a strictly residential neighborhood. It is registered as a corporation on the Secretary of State website. As for Paul Vadenais, this is not a friendly game of water polo in your backyard pool. Seriously, what a ridiculous comment! This a a long-standing issue in this neighborhood. Larry Enright certainly has a lot of work to do.


Noise complaints during the daytime are difficult at best to deal with by any town. Now that it has been alleged that it is a business operation, let the town investigate and lets wait to see what happens


Strange that a man who lives right there, has not heard of this. Since last year. I am hundreds of miles away, I read this paper, and know all about the inability of neighbors to enjoy their residential property in quiet peace. Has it been designated a business zone? Is this business allowed by law? Why taking so long to address this issue? Taxes are jacked up, house values are jacked up, but residents have no voice? How much proof does one need?


I’ve found during my time on this earth that problems like this, in both small towns and big cities, are generally not addressed because the party acting in the wrong has political contacts within the town/city in question. It’s typically a good place to start asking questions.

Here we go....

I agree with what you said 100%, this town has always operated on "who you know in politics" than what is right. It's sickening!


So it’s your opinion that residents who also pay taxes shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy their own yards? And that the town should be designated a quiet zone? Does this go for young children as well?


He is running it as a business, accepting money, with no business license. And no zoning for such. Not being treated by owner as a private residential backyard, big difference.

And I agree with the poster on political affiliation, it may be! Do some digging!


Let me add: it is a non profit and has many business sponsors, including local Representative Brian C. Newberry, who also serves on the House Committee of Municipal Government.

This occurs on 4 acres of land, residential zoning. Does Simone have a special permit? Can he get one for this type of issue, that serves to help children, etc. ? What if zoning is approved to be part business then seeing his lot is so huge and accommodating? Sad he did not leave a bunch of trees up to block the view and absorb the sound. And how is parking? Any neighbors encounter issues there? Seems all this is is lights, sound, and business entity. And others have big built in pools nearby I notice via satellite. Surely a good venture like this is, can adapt some well-meaning sound/vision barrier, play time limits, to accommodate neighbors. 4 acres is a lot of land, realize that you could be having a stinky chicken or horse farm instead, with huge lit dome at night, flies and odor permeating the air to battle rather than whiffle ball. Lol. Hopefully a compromise comes your way.


The only issue I have with your statement is that a properly run horse farm does not smell at all. And North Smithfield only allows 12 hens per lot. Absolutely no concern for smells from chickens. It's actually sad that this town was once a great farming community with multiple large chicken farms, horse farms, etc. Now there are only a handful of them left, because city slickers move here and start complaining about everything from beavers to livestock.


The operative word is “properly run”…….but being raised with horses, fresh manure and manure piles, and hot summer days, or overcast days, and the wind blowing, yeah, your yard or porch is going to catch a whiff now and then! Even landfills with odor containment systems give off occasional odors. Nothing perfect. Here, everything leads to an RA zoning and not a business zoning. Surprised no violation notice yet. Enough is enough. If there is a smell in the air, it is one of politics is right. Let one violate, then anything goes. Cannot discriminate.

Living In RI again

The neighbors didn't come to the nuisance. He brought it to them. The Valley Breeze article in the Sports section from 2021 clearly indicates that he is running a business there.

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