NORTH PROVIDENCE – There were many lessons learned during a July hours-long standoff between local police and a resident, says Chief of Police Alfredo Ruggiero Jr., and some of those were on display last week.

The North Providence Police Department ran its first active shooter training in about nine years, said Ruggiero, one of several trainings planned for this fall that he’s implementing to catch the department up on some of what it was falling short on.

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Derrick L

This is America. When these officers are hiding in the hallway while children are shot by someone who was able to buy a gun to kill children legally, we can all take solace in our thoughts and prayers. The sacrifices for 2a include children, wives, fathers, relatives and friends. All hail the Russian-funded NRA!

Joe M

Derrick L. It wasn’t “these officers” that were involved in the scenario you are talking about. These officers referenced in this story are training so that they are better prepared in the event of an emergency. We should commend them instead of making idiotic posts about something unrelated to the story.

Derrick L

You are aware the Uvalde PD routinely performed the same drills? Take it from Bill Belichick - practice isn’t reality. No drill can prepare you for the reality that a lunatic with a legal gun is murdering children. We should address the problem at the root cause, not prepare reactionary methods which often never pan out. The best battle plan falls apart in the first moments.

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