NORTH SMITHFIELD – After more than two decades of use for Engine 2, North Smithfield Fire & Rescue Services has purchased its replacement.

Fire Chief David Chartier told The Breeze that the department took delivery of a 2022 Spartan/Toyne 1500/1000/30A for Engine 2 in early June, replacing an E-One 2000 pumper, which will become spare Engine 3.

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Gary Ezovski

Though the town did have a slump in purchasing of fire and rescue vehicles a few years back, this is not the first rescue engine to be purchased in twenty years. Engine 1 is a very similar truck that was purchased about three years ago. Soon after purchase of that truck three years ago, the town's other front line engine was found to be unable to pass inspection due to undercarriage rot. Fortunately, a used truck in very good condition became available at a good price in nearby Nasonville. It is my understanding that unit is still in great shape and can serve as a backup unit for a substantial period of time. The lead line in this article implies less than responsible management of these assets when in fact recent purchases of engines and rescues have been made along with rational plans for future replacements.

Gary Ezovski

I placed this comment prior to the correction that was made in the first lines of the article. Originally here, and still in the print edition, the article started with "After more than two decades, North Smithfield Fire and Rescue Services has purchased a new fire engine." The correction made to the online article is a better description of the actual events. Thank you VB.

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