An aerial rendering shows how a new B.F. Norton Elementary School could be positioned off Broad Street, pushed further back from the roadway.

CUMBERLAND – Local schools in recent years have typically been budgeting for the loss of 14 more students annually to a “Blackstone Valley Prep-type” school, but this year, Supt. Phil Thornton told the Town Council last week, they operated on the assumption of 30 students coming back the district’s way.

And that charter cost going down came before the idea of building a new B.F. Norton Elementary School at 364 Broad St., instead of a renovated one, gained steam, said Thornton.

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All I can tell you is that this country was in MUCH better shape when President Trump ran the show. I really don't care how he did but got better results than JOEY !


BF Norton as it stands now is a accident ready to happen. Go to Morning dropoff or afternoon pickup and you will see it is complete chaos. The staff does their best to insure student safety but they can’t be everywhere. 40 years ago if someone put some thought into it they wouldn’t of wasted our money. Now is the time to build a state of the art school with high security access in mind. BTW. I have no horse in this race. My children are grown.

lifelong Valley Falls resident

the only thing left of the original CHS (1889 version) is the "corner stone" that says 1889 on it. and the other older part of the old high school is the shell that is/was the school gym.all the rest of that building was torn down and a "new" school was built during the 1980's. if that is so old why are they redoing a school that was built in 1930 and first addition 1950 (Garvin School-as per Cumberland Town Year Book 1950 ) I have always voted in favor of school funding issues in my entire voting history since 1972 , this "bond" issue (to build a new BFN will be the first one i vote NO! My taxes on my home just went up by half of my monthly income, how many more seniors are you going to make homeless by tearing down a 40 yr old building and wasting what we do have in this town. Recall that the "bond " issue to "redo" the old CHS was only to renovate the old school..i get it that asbestos made it impossible to "use " the 1889 structure, look up records ..


Of course your taxes went up, that's the Dems playbook....raise taxes so they can spend more

lifelong Valley Falls resident

no red wave is not in Cumberland's interest, besides the reason Cumberland turned blue (1932) was because the "reds' sold our water dept to Pawtucket..and FDR's "coat tails". and in RI red towns have higher taxes than we do. i have a solution..i vote in EVERY primary , and i have helped vote bad pols out

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