WOONSOCKET – The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has advised the city to evaluate and provide a schedule to install a portable gravity thickener at the city’s waste treatment plant until the permanent gravity thickener is repaired, which is expected to take about a year.

RIDEM spokesperson Michael Healey said the city and its contractors, Jacobs and Synagro Technologies Inc., are working to address the “elevated solids issue” through various measures, including the use of a filter and limiting the amount of biosolids being processed at the Synagro incinerator, which discharges into the Woonsocket Wastewater Plant.

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I have not read any comments from a Synagro spokesperson in any of the articles on this issue.

I am curious if they have been contacted for comment?


Wow, that's a first. The mayor saying she doesn't understand what's going on!

Thomas Ficca

She's been busy doing photo ops

Thomas Ficca

I'm sure she know now ! It's all over the news ! WTG Mayor !


Just another skidmark on the under pants of Woonsocket!


And in the meantime, 8.5 million gallons of literal feces and urine is flowing downstream. The DEM has not fined Woonsocket, Jacobs, or Synagro, so why fix the problem?

This is an absolute disgrace.

Like living in a third world country.

Maybe when we have a cholera outbreak, something will be done.

The Governor, the DEM, Woonsocket are all culpable.

Jim Cournoyer

As reported in today’s GoLocal, Michael Healey from RI DEM said “We are directing the city and its contractors to fix the plant’s gravity belt thickener, which is causing the current upset.”

Yet, D’Agostino invited Anthony Turchetta and Anthony Rose of Jacobs to speak about facility operations and to back up his claims that a leak into the Blackstone River last week was due to Synagro’s inability to process solids and had nothing to do with the maintenance of the gravity thickener.

This is a prime example of the disinformation that the Mayor and her team regularly put out.

It is indeed the failure of the gravity thickener that is at the root of the problem.

As reported in today’s GoLocal, Michael Healey from RI DEM said “We are directing the city and its contractors to fix the plant’s gravity belt thickener, which is causing the current upset.”


Yes, and the article on GoLocal also says:

Last Wednesday, Healey is an email to GoLocal admitted that these incidents have not been managed well.

“The City of Woonsocket and the vendor that operates its wastewater treatment plant, Jacobs, need to get their act together. And as the regulator, DEM does too. Once the most polluted river in America, the Blackstone has seen radical improvements in water quality since the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972,” said Michael Healey, spokesperson for DEM to GoLocal.

DEM I get but could you explain how our current Governor deserves blame for a decades old problem?

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